Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22- We have a song we sing all the time, "Sisters love each other, yes they do its true" we use it in situations like this where M is on E, no matter what E is doing. Here, E wanted to have quiet time downstairs, but M had other ideas. Today we had lots of girls and mommy time. Daddy and a friend went out for most of the afternoon. We even got to play with our friends A and A. M refused to take naps today (sleeping about 40 minutes total) she she went to bed early, which let dada and E have a Star Wars movie party. Complete with dancing to the Ewok music.

February 21- This was one of E's favorite toys, and I'm so glad that M loves it too. M got to spend the day with Ama and Ada, and even go out for breakfast. After work and daycare, the girls went to the library to play, M loved having lots of books to choose from, E likes the puzzles and the computer. E even got a Happy Meal treat for her good behavior.
February 20- E rediscovered this Dora dress, and is in love. She's been sleeping in it, and wore it to Ama and Ada's house. We had a little conflict today, E has been wanting to eat at McDonald's and for some reason, thought we would today, but it was a Mickie's day. E and Ama went to story hour today, and we snuck out for another walk when we got home.
February 19- We finally got a break from the crazy cold weather we've been having this winter and got a chance to go outside. M watched E go out and cried until she got to go out too. Once she was there, she wasn't too impressed with the snow. But at least she tried it. After M went in, E and I took a nice long walk, it was a welcome change after a winter spent mostly inside.

Also, M finally began to love Captain America, just like Dada hoped she would.

February 18- E got this balloon at her friend A's valentine's day party, and M has been playing with it ever since. She loves to carry it, wave it, and bounce it.She also loves to try and chew it, which we always stop, but to her dismay.

February 17- I always love this view of my girls.

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