Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16- M has never really liked being "worn" she's always wanted to see where she is going and what is happening. We had a little luck with her last summer in the Bjorn, but never the Ergo, until today. She managed to only take a 30 minute morning nap today, so by the time the afternoon came along, she was ready to sleep anywhere.

E had a sleepover movie party with Ama and Ada today, and according to them, really enjoyed having time to be by herself. I can understand that, M is at an age where it is hard to leave anything set up, since she will immediately be in it. I also think M liked her time as an "only." Dada and I were talking when we were home alone with only M, how much harder two kids is then one, and how you'd never believe it until you try to do it. Someone told me this before we had M, and I didn't believe her, but turns out she was right!

February 15- We had quite a day today, E and dada went to the circus, due to some mis-management, the circus lasted 4 hours! M and I stayed home. We went for a walk at Westgate with Ama and Ada, and then played around the house. Miss M loves her sister lots, which is great, but when E was gone so long, it was clear M was lonely. We had fun, but I'm a pale comparison to E.

February 14- Dada got each girl a rose for Valentine's Day. M carried hers around and played with it until it broke, E kept hers nicely on her bookshelf (you can see it in the background). E spent the holiday at A's house for the 3rd annual Valentine's party. M stayed with Ada and Ama a little longer so dada and I could have dinner together.

February 13- M is heading in to her favorite room, the bathroom. She LOVES carrying things in there and putting them into the empty tub. It doesn't matter what it is, it goes in the tub! When its just M and I, we spent our time going up and down the stairs. In the half hour between when we get home and E comes up, on average we go upstairs 7 times.

February 12- Despite M's face, this was a great day. M is sad here because E and I are upstairs, and she is down. She's been a bit of a momma's girl lately, and it was hard for her to be away from the other girls.

Today was the day we'd been waiting for, since M was born, her trip to the orthopedist.  She has always moved her left side differently, and we've been worried about it and wanted to make sure it wasn't a sign of a problem. We were thrilled to learn that they believe she'll grow out of it by the time she is two. We went out for dinner to celebrate, which made us remember why we don't go out!

February 11- On the stairs again.

February 10- E tried to include M in our dance party today, it worked pretty well. M was happy to participate, although she doesn't like to dance holding hands. M is a great dancer, if she is sitting when the dancing starts, she bounces her top half up and down. If she is standing, she plants one leg and walks in circles around and around.

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