Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9- Today I took E to see the movie "Turbo" which she has deemed, "not appropriate for kids" she's asked me several times today when the "kid Turbo" will be available. M was a bit off today, she was generally pretty cheerful, but not much for naps, and bed time was quite hard on her. She and dada went to the grocery store while we were at the movie. They played quite a bit today, and really enjoyed reading books. E got a chance to play in the snow, and M wished she could!
January 8-M is a climber, rather than a runner like her sister, her latest trick is trying to climb on this step while holding on to the gate. The problem is, in this kind of slippery PJs, it can end in disaster! Today, we spent some time around the house, M and I spend some quality time while E was swimming. Then she got her dada time, while E and I were at R's house.
January 7- I turned around for one minute, and M had completely destroyed this ball of sock yarn. I'm not sure why she loves chewing on yarn so much, but she tries to get her hands on it as much as she can!


January 5 and 6- Nope, they don't share a bed
, but they are both very, very hard to wake up in the morning. On the 5th, I picked M up and moved her to E's bed, in an effort to wake up E. On the 6th, we moved E to try and wake her up. Neither worked. I've started tickling E awake in the mornings, whereas M, you just have to give her time.
January 4- M just loves to walk around and carry things, and nothing crinkles like a wipe package.
January 3- Every night during E's program, M finds her "treasure" and gives it to the TV. If we are on the second floor, she gives her treasure to the bathtub.
January 2- We finished off this box of Cheerios today, and the box has been so much fun. M loves carrying it, chewing it, putting things in it, and tipping it over. All in all, its one of her favorite things right now.
February 1- E work up this morning and went right to the computer, she announced that she had some work to do. Not to be outdone, M got right in there and started typing too.

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