Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17- This was an impromptu moment between two sisters this morning. M was in her seat waiting to go, and E got down right next to her and started talking to her, kissing, her and making M laugh. It was so sweet. Whenever M smiles at E, E always says "she likes me" and is so excited about it.

In honor of St. Patrick's day, we watched Brave today, and danced to some Irish music. Dada and the girls danced together and M laughed and laughed.

March 16- E and I got back from Minnesota today and brought M's birthday present from Titi, E was anxious to "help" M open it. M loves the little people. This morning, E and I work up at Titi's house and had some playtime. We had breakfast and then went swimming with A and her momma. Then we took a long car ride back home. I discovered that when doing a road trip, we need to pack extra toys for the ride home, because that is always the rough ride.

M and dada had a nice day together. They did some errands, and made the corned beef for dinner. They tried to go the St. Patrick's day parade, and tried to visit great gramma. Either of these worked, so they hung around at home and played and cuddled.  

We discovered that M loves corned beef.

March 15- This morning, E and I left, with Ama and Ada for Minnsota, we were visiting Titi, A, and Nate and Annie. Leaving Miss M behind was so difficult. But, she and her dada were going to have some nice time together. They played at home, ran some errands, M enjoyed this Bugs Bunny toy and playing on the couch. She also slept for one of her longest stretches (since she was little) in her bed. They also watched some Star Wars, her favorite character is Yoda.

E and I spent the day (and night) with Titi. The girls had a great time playing with toys, Monster's High dolls seemed to be one of the favorites. E also enjoyed using the tea set. E got to watch some new TV shows (Sofia the First, and Doc. McStuffins). They girls also loved playing super heros (Titi gave E a cape for her birthday).

March 14- M had a big day today. She and Ama and Grandpa went out for breakfast and did some playing at Ama and Ada's house. Then M went to dada's school to help him teach. The students were learning about language acquisition, so she was a big help.

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