Monday, January 23, 2012

On Sunday, E and I went to our first parent child yoga class. She wasn’t too interested in doing any of the yoga poses. She liked looking at herself in the mirrored classroom wall, and she liked story time. We did have an issue because our class was at Hoyt, which is where E, Ama, and Grandpa Ada play on Thursdays. E was pretty sure we should be going into the gym to play, and was a little concerned that we headed another direction.

 Although despite her apparent lack of interest, she talked about yoga all evening. E refused to go to sleep tonight. We put her to bed just like always, and she was quiet for a while. About an hour later she started talking and jumping (she told dada she was doing “gymnastics with Maddy”). Dada settled her down, and about an hour later I went in to check on her before bed, I was shocked to find her awake! She came to rest in momma’s bed for a little while, but got wild. After hopping between her bed and ours for a while, she had to cry it out a little. I finally got her rocked to sleep at 12:30!

This weekend a new toy was added to E’s collection, this baby bottle, which makes baby noises and looks like the milk is disappearing. E loves to feed her baby, and she even feeds babies in books.

E has also been getting more interested in the potty lately, we’ve been playing in the kitchen without a diaper, and her favorite thing to do in the kitchen is play with her puff balls. Today, she put the brown puff balls in the potty and called them “poop,” at least she’s getting the idea!

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