Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Museums, stickers, and ABCs

January 7- Ever since we started reading Olivia E has loved the idea of museums, so today, dada took her to the Geology Museum on campus. She was a little scared of the T-Rex skull, but otherwise loved the museum. The weather was so nice that after the museum they headed to the zoo, and then had lunch with Grandpa Ada.

January 8- At long last, E got to play with "baby L" today. Although L is only three months younger, E always calls him a baby. We also got to play with a new friend G. G is three years old, so she's a "big girl." She's the daughter of a childhood friend of mine, and it was so nice to see both G and her momma.

We also got to have a nice walk with A and R, we hadn't seen them in we are loving the extra warm January we are having!

Stickers are a new favorite of E's. She loves sticking them on everything, tonight she was putting them on her face and in her hair and calling them "prettys" (the same thing she calls hair ties). If we aren't careful, she can go through an entire page of stickers in just a few minutes, I've started cutting the sheets in half to make them last longer.

ABCs, E's favorite game with this toy is having momma or dada write the alphabet on it. We do it over and over. Sometimes she'll hold the pen with us, but usually we just write and she watches.

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