Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey, Andy

Last night, Andy was hanging a few pictures for me. All of a sudden, E says "Hey Andy, noisy."

We are careful not to use bad words around E, but his was a reminded that we need to be careful about all words we use with E. It seems that I say, "Hey Andy" quite a bit, and she thinks this is a good way to get dada's attention. While I don't really want to start calling Andy dada, and I don't really want him to call me momma, I guess we need to start thinking about EVERYTHING we say.

E has been very interested lately in the first names of people, and frequently calls us by our first names, she likes knowing the neighbor's names, and seems intrigued that they are also mommas and dadas. So, I'm sure she'll get back to calling us momma and dada, until she's a teenager, and will go back to calling us by our names.

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