Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gramma bars and milk braclets

E has a big vocabulary, and often uses words we don't expect her to know. She has reported that something "tumbled down," her orange was "juicy," or that an item of food has "crumbled." So its always interesting to us when she uses words or phrases in a certain way when there is clearly a better expression.

She's fond of saying "momma go away" when she wants to sit in your chair and she requests "pan cookies" rather then pancakes. When you are shopping and she's ready to leave the store she requests "next shopping."

When you ask E if she wants to go shopping, she always says yes. When you ask what she'd like to shop for, she always says "gramma bars." She means granola bars, which have become a favorite snack.

I've known about gramma bars for some time. But she's got a new one, it took me a little while to figure it out. Over the weekend E had mentioned "milk bracelets" once or twice and I didn't think anything of it. She occasionally likes to wear a "bracelet" made out of a hair tie. However, the other day at the mall we are walking along and she suddenly says "milk bracelet" and I figured out what milk bracelets are: bras.

E's only been weaned for a two months, and she still remembers nursing. She's constantly pointing at my chest and saying "milk coming" so its pretty clear where the idea came from. I was just surprised that she took two concepts and put them together for a name.

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