Friday, January 13, 2012

Vacation and PJs

January 13- Before E was born, I had many ideas of what having a child would be like, and all the great things we'd do together. Then, as a working mom, I found out that I see my kiddo so little out of each day, it can be hard to do all those things you'd like to do. Today was an exception. Daycare was closed, so we got a whole day together, and it was perfect.

We woke up late, and I woke to the sounds of E doing some imaginative play in her crib. She entertained herself for a good 10 minutes, before calling for me. When I walked into her room, she said "momma, look it!" and pointed to the animals projected on the ceiling. After an easy breakfast and some play-do and other activities, we headed to our baby group and caught up with some kids we haven't seen in a long time. The whole ride over E kept saying "other kids, other kids." We had a successful lunch out, where we split a grilled cheese, and E ate almost an entire helping of fruit salad. Once we got home, we had a successful potty time and a nap. In the afternoon, we played with the neighbors and dada. Another successful potty time, and bed.

Each night before bed, E has to "feed the piggies" meaning she wants to put coins in each of her three piggy banks. So, today when we were having lunch, she saw the tip jar on the counter, and yelled out "piggy food" it was pretty funny.

January 12- E insisted on wearing her monkey jammies all day today. When I went to get her dressed this morning, she pulled these off her changing table, and insisted. E is getting really picky about her clothes and shoes. She has a few favorite outfits, and likes to repeat them. Every day before daycare, she tries to go to school in her jammies. She  only has two pairs of shoes that she will wear. It will be the day soon where we are the family out running errands and our kid of cruising around the store in her football shirt over footie jammies!

E and dada are reading a  Zoo Book from dada's childhood. Grandma and Grandpa saved them for him. So far, E's favorite one is the one about gorillas. She says gorilla very cutely, she calls them "gollias."

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