Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Week!

March 6- Although we celebrated E's birthday yesterday this isn't a big gift for her.  But, she enjoyed crawling through this "tunnel" her dad's construction project created for her.  As a curious one year old, She had to help her dad put together the shelving that came in this box, and now pretty much always has to be in on the action.  She's no longer satisfied to be outside of the kitchen while meals are being prepared, and is getting increasingly difficult to distract with toys when she sees something she really wants.  E also got to visit with her grandma and grandpa today.

March 5- We celebrated 's birthday today with all her grandparents, uncle Nate, uncle Bob, aunt Norma, great grandma, and our friends Mark, Michelle, Hank, Andrea, and Aurora.  E was an amazing little girl for her party.  She started off showing off for all her guests, this involved running and then falling on her butt and letting out a little screech.  After about an hour she calmed down.  By far my favorite moment of the day was the cake.  E had absolutely no interest in her cake or ice cream.  I don't know that she even took a bite of either.  But she discovered a love of Ritz crackers.

March 4-  E, grandma, and  Uncle Nate visited the Memorial Union for coffee break today.  Break is a long standing tradition at my work, thirty years ago I celebrated my first birthday at coffee break, so it seemed only fitting that E celebrated her birthday there as well.  She got to meet most of my (and her grandpa's) co-workers, she tried a bagel, and she got to run around the UW Madison Union.  After coffee, she spent the rest of the day with grandma and uncle Nate.

March 3- Can't get enough of the shape sorter.  This was E's last "normal" day for awhile and she made the most of it, playing with her shapes and and her zoo toy.  I was sick this day and had lost my voice, so we had a lot more quiet play then we usually do.  No chasing and no singing.

March 2- Today was E's one year checkup.  Here is her picture on the scale.  I had to take this picture, because E's weight is one of the first questions people ask us about her.  E is quite small for her age, something that she covers with her big personality and quick movements, but when you break the numbers down, you can see.  On her one year check up she weighed 16 pounds and 4 oz which put her in the 0.98%, meaning that 99.2% of babies weigh more then her.  We'd been hoping she'd hit 17 pounds.  But, she was 28.5 inches tall, putting her in the 25%.  All in all, she's perfect for us, and her weight isn't something we think much about on a daily basis. 

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