Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13- Here is Miss E at her first visit to the Monona Terrace Convention Center.  We went to check out the CSA fair.  We didn't choose a farm yet, but had a good time none the less.  E particularly enjoyed the kids room with balls and an obstacle course.  She also liked running down the hallways.  My favorite part was watching her interact with the other kids in the kid room.  She can't talk, but she always tries to interact with kids and do the same thing they are doing.  Its amazing to watch her fearlessly approach a 5 year old as though they could start playing together at any moment.  She saw one little boy with a shamrock headband (the St. Patrick's Day parade was today) and followed him for a bit.  She also saw a boy with an iPhone, and tried to climb on the chair with him for a turn.  

March 12- Until recently we've tried to keep E out of the kitchen, there is just too much in there that can get a girl into trouble.  Recently, after baby-proofing, we've started letting her in.  She's discovered the tupperware cabinet.  This morning I was able to get the dishes done and load the dishwasher while she played.  It was nice to be able to get something done around the house while she occupied herself.  That has been a rarity for the past year.  

March 11- E and her toy box.  E is really into putting smaller things into bigger things.  She will put things into anything.  Right now, she has three main storage places, her shoe box, her shape sorter, and underneath the seat of her tricycle.  As you can see, her shoe box is full of shapes, tub toys, and puzzle pieces.  She entertains herself by adding things to it, and trying to shut the lid.  She also has a Cheerio box, but so far that one doesn't seem to be a good hiding place.

March 10-  E and I went to playgroup at Happy Bambino, I'm afraid it might be our last one, the store is changing its hours, so playgroup will have to be earlier in the day, while I'm at work.  But, I'm hoping we can start getting together with her friends at the Monday group.  Above, E is eating a turkey stick, one of her favorites.  We recently bought her forks, because we could tell she wanted to use an eating utensil, but the spoon wasn't working so well.  She can't use the fork to pick things up yet, but if we get something on the tines, she can sometimes get it in her mouth.  

March 9-  E and one her "ba"s we got several mylar balloons to decorate for her birthday, they are still in our living room, and E points and says "ba" (her word for ball) this means that she wants us to pull one down for her to play with.  After biting them, she usually spends a little time batting at them, before losing interest and letting them float up to the ceiling. 

March 8- Her first day at the tupperware cabinet, she hadn't really figured out the best strategy yet, she took out pieces and chewed on them, rather then emptying the whole thing.   

March 7- E opening a birthday gift from her great aunt and uncle.  She was funny to watch at her birthday, she clearly remembered presents from Christmas, and knew just what to do with them.  All her work putting things into each other also really paid off, she knew just how to empty boxes and bags!

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