Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy First Birthday!

March 1-
I can’t believe my little E is a year old.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I heard the first description of my little girl when my doctor said, “it’s a little one.”  Shortly after that she asked A, “what is this” and said, “a baby”, then a second or two later, he told me the baby was a girl.  I then got my first glimpse of E, although she didn’t have a name until about 9 pm on March 1.  In this past year she has grown and changed so much, she’s gone through independent streaks that that show me how determined she’ll be once she’s older.  She learned to walk at 8 months and 1 week, and hasn’t stopped since.   
We celebrated her birthday at the Nitty Gritty with all four of her grandparents.  Celebrating at the Nitty Gritty is a tradition in our family, in fact, there was even a brief discussion about taking E there last year on her birth day.  But, we thought better of that idea!  She got her first birthday mug and balloon, and had her first taste of cake and ice cream.  Neither was a big hit. 

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