Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29- Puffer fish basketball, for a while E was putting anything that would fit down the holes in her basketball hoop.  Now, she knows that "bas" belong in the basketball hoop, so she's limited herself to things that are round, that includes the puffer fish and the rings from her ring sacker.

March 29- E and I spent the day together again today and had a great time.  E found her maraca, which had been put away for awhile and spent some time running around and shaking it.  We also had new bathroom flooring installed, E waved to the installers each time they walked through the living room, which was quite often, but she was most happy when they went bye bye for the final time.

March 27-  We took E to A to Z Farm during the last weekend of lambing.  E saw a barn full of sheep and lambs, chicks, ducks, pigs, cows, and turkeys.  E was brave enough to touch a baby lamb, she wanted to pet its head, but we made her settle for petting the back.  After our trip to the farm, we had dinner at Great Gramma's house to celebrate E's birthday, grandpa's birthday, and E's great-aunt's birthday.

March 26- E and the big girl chair.  This became one of E's favorite activities this wekend we put her in the "big girl chair" and she sits there and laughs.  We are working with her on getting down backwards, she usually tries to go headfirst.  The second part of the game involves tickling.  She loves armpit tickels while laying on the seat of the chair.   

March 25- E and her big girl shoes.  Since she learned to walk, E has been wearing soft leather bottomed shoes.  They were great for our wood floors,  and stopped her from pulling her socks off.  But, now that she is bigger, and the weather is getting warmer, it seemed time to get her some shoes she could wear outdoors.  So, here she is in her first pair of real shoes.  We’ve been letting her practice walking in them, and pretty soon I’m guessing she’ll be ready to run around outside.
March 24- Today was another E and grandma day, they tried to go play at MSCR open gym, but E fell asleep in the car on the way over.  Maybe next week.  We also celebrated grandpa’s birthday, where E wasn’t willing to eat any of the birthday dinner.  So, she had yogurt which has become her favorite.  E had a meltdown around 6, but wasn’t quite ready for bed, so she played with this shape sorter for a while.  She loves the door on the bottom where you can take the shapes out.  She also loves it when I put the shapes half way in, and she gets to push them the rest of the way, we spend quite a bit of time doing that!

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