Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not feeling too well

March 23- Today E wasn't feeling too well again, she only wanted to be held.  Its always surprising when she is in this kind of mood, since usually she is a girl on the go.  Of course shortly before bed, she was ready to get down and play with a shape sorter.  We've also been on the lookout for another of E's favorite elephant blankets, we haven't been able to find one, so we decided to try a lion blanket.  She liked it out of the package, so we will see how it works.

March 22- Sagging!  I hope she doesn't continue to sag her pants as she gets older :)  Once again, here is a little perspective on E's size.  This evening, she literally ran out of her pants.  She has also learned about the buttons on the front of the TV and loves pushing all of them. 

March 21- We were home together again today, E had so much fun hanging out with mama that she only took one 30 minute nap.  We went on an expedition to find another elephant blanket, which was not successful.  We also spent a lot of time cuddling, since E was running a fever.  She was a picky eater, which is why she is holding 2 Ritz crackers above, she actually got up to holding 4 crackers and was so proud of herself, but she slipped, and the crackers broke.

March 20- This is E's first art project.  We got out the crayons to color Grandpa a happy birthday message, and she had such a good time, we got out some plain paper.  She's made three pictures so far, one for our fridge, one for Grandpa's office, and one for Grandpa's card.  Her favorite crayons were red, black, and yellow. 

March 19- E found this blue bowl while playing in the kitchen, and she's been carrying it around ever since.  She puts things in it, and she has used it as a hat.  Above, she is putting her box of cake mix in the bowl, and behind her you can just make out the spatula she has been using a teether.  She has also been using the spatula to "stir" items in the blue bowl!

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