Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 16- Today was a beautiful fall day, so M, Ama and Ada got to spent a lot of time outside. M and Ama went to play at Hoyt, and M really enjoyed being with the other kids. After work today, M and I took a quick walk to stare at our neighbor's cat Gracie. Gracie likes to look out the window between the two sections of blinds which M find amusing.

After that we headed for dinner at Costco, as usual, M ate a great meal, she loved wandering the store. E picked out a few great Halloween costumes for her. But we decided to hold off.

In the picture above, the girls are fighting over the soda we got at Costco, they were trying to alternate after 2 sips each. But, M doesn't understand alternating, and E isn't shy about ripping it out of her sister's hand.

October 15- Today dada took E to gymnastics, so M and I had a nice hour together. We played all over the house (with nothing longer then 3 minutes) then we took a walk. Right before the walk I asked M if she wanted a snack. She nodded yes, and then said "affle" (apple). This is really one of the first times M has used words in that way. Generally, she just identifies things and points them out. Her words so far are: key, pool, balloon (booo), momma, dada, sissy, Ama, and Boppa.

We had a nice family dinner, and then the girls took a tubby were M tried to eat all the bubbles with a spoon.

M has also discovered our dryer balls. she now loves helping me fold clothes (where she tries to reach in and grab the balls), and putting the wet clothes into the dryer.

October 14- Tonight the big girls played at our house while M and her friend A played at R's house. M had a great time, and R's mom reports that she was very sweet, at one point choosing to stop playing and help cook.

E and the big girls had a good time too. We did a few different art projects, they are also getting pretty good at entertaining themselves, which is nice. One of my favorite parts of the evening was listening to them talk to each other, and listening to how they felt things were run at our house.

October 13- M has a new favorite thing, her Mickey Mouse music box. As soon as she wakes up, she calls for Sissy to turn it on. She likes it to be playing while she nurses, during diaper changes, and pretty much any time we are in her room. M and Ada came to coffee break today, M is starting to get braver at break, she points to each person around the table, and for a minute today, I thought she was going to ask to be on someone else's lap!

October 12- M got a new car seat for grandma and grandpa's car, and E had the idea to color on the box the seat came in. Both girls had a great time working on that project. M and dada got some nice time together today, since E and I went to the Packer Party at her school. During the beginning of the game we made sandwiches to be delivered to a shelter. Despite being 4, I think E was one of the hardest workers there. She was originally in charge of scooping jelly onto bread. After doing that for a little while, she switched to putting sandwiches in paper bags. She filled bags faster then I could open them.

In the evening, the girls went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I overhead a funny exchange on the way out. After Grandma told E they were having spaghetti, E said "well then M has to eat naked babies" and Grandma told her she didn't think people should be naked at the table. Well, E was right, M came home covered in sauce!

October 11- Today was our friend A's birthday, she had an amazing Frozen themed party. E has decided she wants the same party in March. Both girls went to the party, and they both had a lot of fun. E liked all the activities, and M liked being around the big kids and being part of the fun. At one point, I tried to take M home, and she followed me right back to the party!

In the afternoon, E and I made cookie bars (she has been asking to make cookies for a long time now) and we played outside to take advantage of the beautiful fall day.

October 10- Today was a bit different, E didn't have school today, so we started out the day with a leisurely breakfast at home. Then M had her 18 month check up and E was scheduled for a flu shot. Both girls were amazing at the doctor. M didn't cry (she used to cry from the second she saw the doctor) and E entertained herself for the most part. 

M continues to be a nice, normal size. Although I'm not sure how tall she is, the first time they measured her it was clearly short, and the second time seems to tall. She weights 21.8 pounds.

After the doctor, both girls went to M's school. E has been so curious about M's school and has asked lots of great questions about it, so it was really nice for her to see it. Then after lunch, E got to march in dada's school's homecoming parade (and M got to watch). E really liked the parade, and got lots of candy. Then, in the evening, the girls, Dada, and Ada had dinner together while Ama and I went to a resale.

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