Saturday, November 1, 2014


November 1- Today was probably one of M's most favorite days ever. She got one on one time with both parents. She and dada spent the morning together while E and I were at Fossil class, and then she and I got some one on one time while E and dada went to church. The thing I think M liked most about the day was getting to play with and walk our neighbor's dog. She absolutely loved holding the leash, and walking with the dog. We played together inside for awhile, she pretended to feed E's baby doll, and then made a nice picture out of glitter glue.

It was also a first today, the first time that she has insisted on wearing a dress up dress.

October 31- We did quite a bit of Halloween celebrating today. We started the day with Halloween pancakes at IHOP with Ama and Ada and then the girls went to their house for the day. They got to go to the Children's Museum for the second day in a row, which E thought was amazing. M had a great time in the water room, and apparently got completely soaked.

We picked the girls up early, grabbed dinner and costumes, and went to trick or treat at the mall with A and A. The girls got tons of candy, and had a great time. M liked choosing candy from the big bowl, and wandering around the mall.

Then, we got home, put on warmer clothes, and went out to the nieghborhood. M lost interest after two houses, so she and dada went home, E, R, A, and A kept going and made a big loop around the neighborhood.

October 30- E didn't have school today, so she spent the day with Ama and Ada, they said they loved getting the chance to spend the day with her. Grandma and Grandpa dropped off a Halloween cake, and the girls decorated it. E had a hard time putting on the frosting, but they both liked putting on the sprinkles.

We had to go out tonight to get E new shoes, she wore holes through her other pair, and refuses to wear the tennis shoes she and dada got at the end of the summer. She picked boots, and looks adorable in them. However, she refused to get a second pair of shoes. She had her heart set on the boots, and every other pair made her fall down. We had dinner at the food court and played in Build a Bear and the play area.

October 29- The girls started out the day with breakfast at Mickies (and I spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday, since that is our regular breakfast day). Then M had a playdate with the grandson of Ama and Ada's friend. In the evening, Ada and I took the girls to trick or treat on State Street. It only took M a few stores to get the idea of trick or treating, she started walking right up to bowls and grabbing candy. She had such a big smile, and was so cute in her costume, no one cared that she took more then one piece. We made it from the Historical Society to the Overture Center where we watched a magic show before heading back. I have never seen E enjoy a show like that one, it was so fun to watch her.

E had her class Halloween party today, she wore her costume all day, and they participated in a costume parade and had lots of snacks.

October 28- Tonight we had the little girls to play at our house, and they had a good time with each other. We have two cash registers, which helped because they were able to each use one. We decided that M would be  a monkey for Halloween since she it was a warm costume. She loved being a monkey and even wore the costume while playing with A. M and ada have been heading to the park as much as possible this week to make the most of the nice weather.

October 27- The weather was beautiful today and M and Ada went to the park. I dropped E off at school this morning, it was nice to see all her classmates again. We are working to get back in the swing of things, but we got out of the house as best as we could.

M has been so into these Halloween decorations, she is always very gentle with them, and likes to make sure they are matched up just right.

October 26- The weather was great today, we had a very nice family day. The girls and I had an outside picnic for lunch today, not something I expected in late October. We carved pumpkins before dinner. E was so excited to do this and couldn't wait to get started. She made a great pumpkin, although she didn't want to touch the insides. M liked drawing on her pumpkin, and tried to use a child knife to carve. In the end, she played while I finished hers.

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