Monday, October 6, 2014

October 9- We started out the day with breakfast at Mickies, M and E have started splitting the kids meal, which still leaves LOTS of leftovers. M even wore her Anna hat for most of breakfast. Today M made a wonderful discovery, "toast sprinkle." E has been eating toast sprinkle for a while now (its just white sugar sprinkled on toast) but M hasn't noticed. Today she did, and wasn't really fooled by the tiny amount of sprinkle I gave her!

She went to Hoyt for the first time this fall, and had a great time climbing on everything. And, she successfully used the potty twice today! After work, she and I had some nice time together, we played outside with a few neighbor kids and then went for a walk (we even saw a dog).

E and dada got to have a little daddy daughter time today, which E has been missing. They had a nice hour, just the two of them.

October 8- Today Ada and M played at the Randall playground for a while in the morning. They do a very nice job of getting outside everyday. After work, she and I headed outside. In the past week, M has fallen in love with A, and A's mom. She spends her time outside walking up their front walk hoping to get them to come outside. Or, hoping to be invited in to play with their cat! Today, she was in luck, and even better, the cat got to come out on a leash to play.

E and I want to gymnastics, while we were their dada and M kept playing with friends. E had a great time at gymnastics, she is getting really good at the monkey bars, and did very well with her rolls, and her half cart-wheels.

M has been really into writing lately, any time she sees a pen she has to try it.

October 7- Today M helped Ada with errands, and got to go to library story hour. We spent most of the evening around the house today, E asked if she could measure things, so of course monkey-do had to measure too.

October 6- Today M and Ada visited Great Gramma, and had a nice morning with her. Ada says that M is getting more comfortable with Great Gramma and is starting to feel familiar with her house. They took a long walk together and had lunch together.  M even sat on Great Gramma's lap and looked at a wall hanging and identified the "woo wooo" (actually a deer) and some other things on it.

Tonight, M and I took a nice walk before dinner, we played on the swings, and M had a new game, she would pretend to hand me my keys, and then when I reached for them, pulled them away and laughed. E and I went to the library (where E got a library card) and dada and M went for a long walk to practice for a 5K fund raiser for E's schol.

October 5- Today we went to Pecks and Hecks farms for pumpkins and fall fun. We started at Pecks, and were sad to see that they had taken away the kid play area. M and E had a great time picking pumpkins and pulling wagons through the field. E was having a bit of a rough day, she wasn't in the best mood, which made things a little difficult.

M had her first bouncy house experience and she LOVED it, she didn't want to leave, and then she wanted a second turn. E and I did the horse and carriage ride,

After quiet time, we went to A's house to watch Frozen and make snowflakes for A's birthday party. M fell in love with their cat and spent most of the movie petting and chasing it.

October 4- This morning, M and E had swimming lessons. It was M's first swimming lesson, she wasn't sure about it at first, but warmed up. During E's lesson, she kept trying to get back into the pool. After swimming, E and I went to my work for awhile, so that dada and M could go to the grocery store, and take a nap.

After quiet time, E and I went to church, and M went to Ama and Ada's (dada wasn't feeling well, so he took a nap). After church we had dinner with Ama and Ada at McDonalds, and the girls got a little play time in the playland. M went much further in the tunnel then she ever has before.

For the first time in a long time tonight, M woke up in the middle of the night, it took about 3 hours to get her back down, making for tired parents.

October 3- M went to school today, she had a great time, and is making friends. Ama says that M really likes her school.  When we picked up E today, she was absolutely amazed to hear that M had been to school and was full of questions about it.

October 2- This morning, the girls and I had breakfast with Ada, and M got to play with both grandparents for the day. After work, dada took them to Costco for shopping and dinner. They did a good job, so the three of us got to split what E calls "that brown ice cream"

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