Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5- This morning, like every morning this week, M and E have both wanted Halloween candy for breakfast. Their have been quite a few tears over that issue. Today, I was along when Ada and M picked up E from school and then we hurried home so dada could make a doctor appointment. It was great timing, we got to play outside with A and A. The girls played soccer for awhile and then the little ones played on the swings for a long time. The big ones swung for awhile too.

We had a dinner picnic on the living room floor and E actually ate her entire dinner! At bedtime, we've got some new traditions. M and I read three stories (Curious George and the Puppies and two others) then she and dada rock while they listen to the Mickey music box.

November 4- Today we took the girls to vote before school. We had high hopes for the election, which were dashed. The girls enjoyed voting and the stickers they got. In the evening, we were surprised by a night "off" as the girls played at the neighbors houses. M got to play with A, and to see their kitty, which she was so excited about. M had a hard bedtime, I had to rock her until she fell asleep, which is unusual. E was worn out, the time change has been hitting her hard!

November 3- Today I finally heard M's new word "no" she has used it exactly twice. Both times, she says it like its no big deal and she talks all the time, even though that isn't the case. In the morning, E did some lovely hair styling with M, I'm assured that even though it doesn't look like it, M was excited to have her hair done. Apparently, she asked Ada to put them back into her hair at nap time. Both girls had an early bed time, as they adjusted to the time change. M woke up in the middle of the night, which she doesn't often do.

November 2- We spent some time around the house today, and M spent some time wearing big girl undies! She is pretty good about using the potty, but she's not quite there yet! Because of daylight savings time, the girls were up by 6:15, and ready to roll. Dada and I were exhausted, we ran through all the activities by 10:30! We did get some new markers, and the girls had a great time coloring, they found a new coloring spot, on the steps, but it requires some close watching so that the walls don't end up with a new decoration.

E and dada went to a karate birthday party, but E was scared of the karate, and so they left. In the evening, they girls went over to Ama and Ada's house of a taco party.

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