Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14- Today E spent the morning at work with me. We caught the bus, which she was very excited about, walked to campus, and got to my office. The first order of business was applying lip balm, then we could put our snacks away and get coffee. E watched two movies (Hercules and Mulan). We had coffee break and E got to put her feet in the water. After a little more work, we had lunch at the Union with Ama and Ada. E had a hot dog like always. We got blue moon ice cream and mint chocolate cookie. There was almost a meltdown when they were put in the same bowl, but E got through it. After she left my work, she got to spend some time with Ama and Ada.

Dada and M spent the day together, its something they don't get to do all that often. They ran errands, had some nice playtime around the house. M started "honking" her nose, then honking dada's nose. She's also become really interested in high fiving, she even tried to high five the cashier at the grocery store.

When we got home from work, the girls got to play outside with their friends, there were lots of outdoor toys, and running around.

August 13-  M is really starting to be able to entertain herself (sometimes) today she played with the Sophia the First family on the couch nicely for a while. We registered E for 4K today, I can't believe she is off to school this year. While we did that, E and M played with Ada for a little bit. They had a great time. 

The girls had another big day, they went to the zoo with dada. 

August 12- The girls had a huge day today, they started the morning with a trip to the mechanic, so they walked to the mall. Once they were their they walked around the mall and played. E got to do some school shopping with Grandma. The girls and dada had lunch at HyVee, and then the girls went to grandma and grandpa's house for some playtime. E had gymnastics in the afternoon, which is her favorite activity.

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