Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 11- I thought this dinner was remarkable because of the variety of food M insisted on eating. She's got watermelon, bread sticks, pizza, peas, a hamburger bun, and meatballs. While she clearly didn't finish it all, she made a dent. And she was in the best mood the whole meal.

 August 10- Today was a big day! We started the day with a trip to Olbrich Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit, and then we looked (ran) around the outside gardens. Ama and Ada came along with us. After we had finished at the gardens, we had lunch at Ella's Deli, it was both girls first trip there and they were impressed.  It was hard to say which was E's favorite decoration, she had a great time looking at all of them. After lunch, we went for a ride on the carousal, E picked the bench as usual, but I sat M on a horse. We think it was her first time going up and down on a carousal, she smiled the whole time and said "weeee." After lunch, E, Ama, Ada, and I went out for ice cream and E discovered that she likes mint chocolate chip!

August 9- We start most of our weekend days with a breakfast picnic, sometimes our friends join us, but other days its just us. E and I made cookies this afternoon, and then E and dada went to church. We are trying to get E into the habit, since she'll be going to catholic school next year. So far, her biggest concern is that snack time seems to only be for the adults.

 August 8

August 5- Dada has some work to do today, and M was clearly helpful!

August 4- I cut my finger at work, and M insisted that she needed a band aid on her finger too.

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