Friday, July 25, 2014

Where did July go!

July 17- M likes to wear everyone's shoes. The only problem is that she can't get them on by herself. So she is always walking around, pointing at her feet and saying "Eh Eh!" until someone helps her.
July 16- Here they are both in the drawer, I was surprised
that they could both fit!

July 15- We bought some cabinets for the laundry room, for some reason M thought that the drawers were so fun to play in. E's been washing dishes lately so that I don't have to. Its very sweet, except that she dumped in the entire bottle of dish soap. Dada and I weren't very happy about that one.

July 14- we have had this air mattress set up in the basement for a few days, we were going to use it to help with the night weaning of M, but instead the girls just love to bounce on it.

 July 13- We had brunch at Ama and Ada's house to visit with my cousin Jean and Nancy. It was the first time either of them had met M and the first time Jean had seen E. E was pretty funny the night before, she had all kinds of questions about Jean, like: what was her favorite color, did she wear makeup, what was her favorite food. It was an interesting look into how her mind works.

For dinner, we tried going to the Beer Bucket Restaurant, but it just didn't work out, the girls were antsy, the food wasn't very good, and things were just a little off.
July 12- We bought this purple wrap to try and keep M from picking at her elbow owie, but she just ripped it right off. E LOVES it though, and insists on being wrapped up on her owies.
July 11- M is getting good at finding electronics all over the place. She particularly loves dada's ipod.

 July 10- M has a thing for red hats, she is always bringing Ada his red hat, and this one of dada's she loves to play with. You can see she did quite a job skinning her elbow the other day. She was playing outside with me and fell off a chair, then she got it again, playing with dada

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