Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July, the Zoo, and more!

July 5- Today E shocked us by sleeping until we woke her up at 9:30! I don't think she has ever slept so late. Dada and I had a nice morning with M, who woke up at 7. She got to take two solo (with a parent) walks outside. We played at the library and the girls picked up their first summer reading program prizes. Then it was home for nap. After quiet time E's friend A came over the play. It was a rocky beginning, although E wanted her friend over, she didn't actually want to share or play with here. We got through it, and the girls played Frozen and make beaded snowflakes. Then, E and dada when to a movie with A, A, and their dad. They saw Rio 2. M and I hung out together and took another walk, ran some errands, and blew some bubbles. Its official, M says Kitty and Bubbles in addition to Momma and Dadda.

After the movie E suggested a dinner party, so we had a lovely picnic with her friends by the swings and a little more playtime before wrapping up a great day.

A conversation at bedtime

E: Momma, what happened to your knee?
A: I don't know
E: Its wrinkled, its becoming a grandma and grandpa, that means I'm getting older

July 4- Dawned bright and early for us, the girls work up at 5:30 and were ready to start the day. Dada was nice enough to get up with them so I could sleep a bit more. The day started with decorating bikes for a bike parade (or in E's case, a running parade). M didn't make it far on her bike and I carried her through the parade. Then we had snacks in the clubhouse and headed over to the Rennebohm park party. M fell asleep in the car and napped through the first part of the party. E and M played on the playground, and had a nice picnic.

After long afternoon naps, we played at home, had a nice pizza dinner and then got ready for fireworks. This was the first time we'd taken the girls, E was nervous at first, but really enjoyed them. She kept saying how beautiful they were and that they looked like pixie dust. We were lucky enough to go with A and her family, and we ran into Ama and Ada there!

E and dada were going to camp out in the basement, but at the last minute E got scared and they slept upstairs.

July 3- The girls went over to Ama and Ada's house today. The picked fruit on the bike path, and E wanted to make a fruit salad, but settled for eating the fruit individually. We had a nice outdoor play session with our friends today, M was on the look out for all the dogs (some of our neighbors let her give the dogs treats) and E was pretending to be a pixie.

M has stopped trying to hug all the dogs, now she just runs up to them and then follows them around.

July 2- Dada took this picture, the bread had holes in it and M kept putting her finger through it and then spinning the toast. Dada and the girls went to the Geology Museum and Union South today.

July 1- M was helping me cook today, which is why she is wearing oven mitts. She is pretty funny, once she gets one on, she immediately starts looking for the second. E spent the day with Ama and Ada, and they remarked how independent she is.

June 30- No picture today, M spent the day with Ama and Ada, and when she and I walked in the door, the tornado warning sirens went off. We immediately went to the basement for a picnic and movie, we spent most of the evening down there. The warning stopped in time for bed, but it rained all night long.

June 29- We had a relaxing day today, after the big trip yesterday. It was a lovely Sunday, we had no plans and no responsibilities, so we hung out around the house, we all went swimming (M lasted about 10 minutes), played outside, and had a great time just being home.

I dressed up M, I just couldn't help it.

June 28-  We went to the Milwaukee Zoo today to celebrate dada's birthday and father's day. It was a memorable trip. We got soaked in a rain storm, E rode a horse, E and dada rode the skyway, and M asserted her independence. We stayed busy, we were able to wait out the rain in the big cat house. While we were getting rained on, M was wandering around into the landscaping, and she wasn't too happy about being scooped up!

The hippos and the elephants were the most active we've seen, and both girls loved getting up close to several animals, including tiger.

June 27- E wanted to play jewelry store today, so she got out her jewelry box and set everything out. I was supposed to the customer, but M was a much better one, she wanted all of it. Much to my surprise, there were no tears over it.

July 26- We've been working hard to get back into the tradition of "family walks" in the evening. In summer's past, we've walked with A and R's families, but that hasn't been working this summer. Instead, we play right when I get home from work, and then go our own ways in the evenings.

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