Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9- The girls and dada had a crazy busy day today! We started out by all heading to M's 15 month check up. She's doing great growth wise, she weights 20 lb 6 oz and is 31 inches tall. She hated her check up, she sobbed the whole time the doctor was with her, and things didn't improve with the shots. But, once we left she perked right up and got back to her usual self. The one bit of distressing news was the doctor identified a "torsion" in her leg, generally they go away on their own, but if not, she'll need surgery.

After the appointment, I got dropped off at work and the girls and dada headed up State Street to see the sights. They roamed all over the Capital building (dada says its still hard to be there since the protests) and then we got to have lunch together at the Union. E had her usual hot dog.

When they got home everyone took a nap, and then they came and picked me up at work to go see an artist at the comic book store. While dada was in line, the girls and I played at the park and saw a kitty (pronounced ditteeeeeee). After dinner at Hy Vee, and an icee pop it was bed time!

July 8- E had dance class today and M got to spend the day with Ada. They went to story hour at the library and played at Ada's house. M had been a little out of sorts lately, and I think she really enjoyed spending one on one time with Ada, it helped her get beck to normal.

When I got home from work, the girls and I headed to A's house for some coloring. M loves it there because they have two cats. Her favorite game is to take a gel window cling and stick it on the cat, she then claps for herself.

Dada and E made jello today, E was so excited for it, but it wasn't ready to eat before bed.

July 7-The girls had their first gymnastics class today, E loved it. M screamed the whole time, so she didn't get to participate. But, she did learn a move, she puts both hands on the floor and lifts up one leg, its adorable. The girls had a great time playing around the house today, they had little A over to play for a while, and after dinner E put on her mermaid costume and had a great time being an "Elsa mermaid"

July 6- I pulled the couch away from the window to give M a pathway to walk through, she really enjoys it. This morning M and I had some nice time while everyone else was asleep. We played with the sand table, went for walk, and played on the swings. As a family, we had a few quick errands to run, but basically were able to have a nice day around home.

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