Friday, July 25, 2014

The Middle of July

 July 23- Tired girls after a late night

July 22- Today I had my big presentation in IL, so the whole family came along with me for some vacation. They dropped me off at the Conference, and then they went to Lego Land. It was lots of fun, E liked the scavenger hunt, building things, making mini-figures, and the experience. She didn't go on the rides, because they couldn't make it work with both girls.

Then, the picked me up for the hotel, and happy hour (lots of snacks for E and M) and we spent the night at the hotel. Hotel stays are always pretty stressful. E gets wild and out of control, and tonight was no exception. She was completely unable to settle herself down, and in the process was winding M up.

July 21- No picture
July 20- I realized that I don't have any pictures of M nursing.

 July 19- We went to the 3 Bears to meet up with Titi, Jenny, A and E. The girls had a great time swimming and had lunch together. M loved the water park, She had no fear of the any of it, and went charging up slides and steps like there wasn't anything to worry about. It was great, and a little scary to watch!

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