Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 11- Ama and Ada were out of town, so M and I spent today together. We had lots of fun playing outside with A and A. Outside is one of M's favorite things. When she thinks its time to go out (or when she notices that someone else is going out) she stands right by the door and waits. If she notices that she doesn't seem to be going too, she cries.

I am always a sucker for kids taking stuff out of kitchen cabinets, dada hates it. This picture reminded me of a similar one with E taken on a day when we were home alone together.

After some nice outside time, M took a nap, cuddled up to me, and then we went to the store to get ready for our big vacation! Another nap, and it was time for dada and sissy to come home. We started a movie party, but otherwise had a pretty uneventful evening.

 April 10- I hadn't seen M lay quietly on her back for this long since she was a baby! She wasn't going to bed, but she was so sweet playing next to me.

April 9- E and M had their doctor appointments today, E was a trooper getting her shots, she said "it hurts, it hurts" and that was that. I was so amazed! M did ok, although their was a lot more crying. But overall, they both handled it well. M weighed in at 19 pounds and E at 32 pounds. Both girls are average heights for their ages.

After their appointments, Ada dropped E off at daycare, and then took M to his house.

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