Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29- M finally got the remote control! Tonight we went to the "running mall" again, to burn off some energy. E's friend L wasn't there, so we just had to play with our family. E used her imagination quite well, and M had a blast climbing up and down the stairs.

M and Ada went to the last story hour of the season today, they are wondering what they are going to do on Tuesdays now.

April 28- We went to the "running mall" with Ama and Ada tonight while dada was at work. Both girls had a great time. E's friend L was there, and they played with a bouncy ball and play dough. M kept running toward Ada and hugging him on the legs.
April 27- This morning, the girls and I went to Breakfast on the Farm at the UW campus. We also went the E's friends, A and A, and R. We had eggs, pancakes, and sausage (and ice cream!) Turns out that M doesn't like pancakes or eggs, and E only ate a few bites.

Once we went into the animal barn, M was in love. She kept walking up to animals and waving and smiling at them. She was brave enough to touch the goats and the sheep. E pet a few of the animals, but was a little less brave then her sister. The girls both loved playing in the soy bean pool and the corn. E kept saying "these are soil beans" and I'd say, "no, soybeans." Then E would say "No, soil beans. Why do you keep saying soy beans."

In the afternoon E and I made cookies, and then we pretended to be girl scouts, and delivered them to the neighbors.
The 27th also marked M's first dress up like a princess!

April 26- We played outside a lot today, now that the weather is nicer, we try to get out as much as we can. I went to a bridal shower, so the girls and dada were on their own for a bit. When I got back, they had decided to have a Star Wars movie party. Here, dada and E are choosing which discs they should watch at the party.

April 25- E likes to hang out behind this bush when she is playing with her spray bottle, because she thinks that I don't know that she is drinking from the spray bottle. Of course, now Miss M has to be there too. Today was a little different, the girls went to Ama and Ada's today, and they played hard. They went to the Little League field and played on the playground, and then had lunch out.

In the morning, E and I went to her new school "Bless-a-min Sacrament" for orientation, we got to look at her 4K classroom, and meet her teacher. We also had breakfast at Mickies on a Friday, things were silly.

April 24- Today we went to Costco to pick up dada's new glasses. E made us walk and hold hand, each time we got to a crack in the floor, we jumped over it. The girls had a wonderful time, M walked around giggling the whole time!

April 23- Two dazed girls and dada. This was during program time, and the girls both needed to be with dada. M took this shovel out of the sand table, and carried it around all night.

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