Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22- Today we played with R at the sand table. M loved playing with the big girls, and both girls did a pretty good job of sharing with M when she would grab things out of their hands.

The girls also had to do tubby time, and they took separate ones for the first time in a long time. Then E got her sheets changed and using the opportunity to bounce on her bed (her all time favorite).

M is wearing the "magic" PJs, they were deemed magic after E slept through the night wearing them. E slept for a long time in her bed last night, so hopefully we'll get the same tonight.

April 21- It was the last day of spring break, so after playing at home and having dinner, we went to the ice cream parlor for dessert. M didn't have ice cream, but she ate her first ice cream cone. The ice cream parlor has tons of toys, so M and E both had a great time.

Tonight E started calling her "boyfriend" on the phone. She balances between the couch and chair, and talks in a flirty voice on the phone. We thought we had lots more time before we started on this.

April 20- We celebrated Easter today with a visit from the bunny! He left lots of eggs for the girls to find, E's were full of candy, socks, and coins. M's had puffs, yogurt melts, and socks. The bunny also left a play kitchen and baskets with tooth brushes, books, and snacks.

We then spent a little time with Nate and Anne playing outside, and then we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa N. The girls had a great time at their house, they both really liked the chance to spend time with them and play with new toys.

April 19- We had the condo association egg hunt this morning. E found TONS of eggs. M had no interest in the eggs, and instead focused on walking into the parking lot. She'd walk toward the lot, I'd grab her and bring her back and she'd cry and cry. Then we'd repeat.

After quiet time, we went to Ama and Ada's house to celebrate. The weather was great, so we spent lots of time with coco puppy and then had dinner with the family.

Today was sort of strange for me, last year after the egg hunt and dinner at great gramma's house, we came home to get ready for Easter and my water broke. It was pretty strange to be basically reliving that day, with the exception of the baby!

April 18- Dada and I got to spend the day together while the girls were at day care, it was great. M practiced her climbing skills! She is getting really good, and combined with her fearlessness, we've clearly got trouble.

April 17- Another hard night going to bed.

April 16- When I picked E up at daycare today, the kids were all talking about dyeing Easter eggs, so of course, E wanted to too! So we got the eggs and after dinner, we dyed eggs. M liked to taste the eggs and pushed on them until they broke, E loved dying the eggs, and made some nice color combinations.

April 15- Dada planned to take E to the track meet tonight. However, M noticed that everyone was standing by the door, so she did too. When I picked her up to move her out of they way, she cried and walked right back to the door. So, dada took both of them to the track meet.

April 14- This was our second day in Milwaukee. We swam in the hotel pool, and then went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. E has been competly obsessed with mummies and ancient Egypt lately, so she was so excited to see a real mummy. She also wanted to do all our usual things at the MPM, so we saw the butterflies, bought gummies in the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit, looked at the animals, and skipped the dinosaurs.

We left Milwaukee in snow, which we couldn't believe. M was so glad to be home, it was clear that the hotel kind of bothered her, and she really liked being back to all her things.

April 13- When we got up today, E said "I'm ready to eat my breakfast cereal box" and wanted to get in the car. So we left a bit earlier then we wanted to. It worked out ok, we had lunch at the mall food court, and the girls played in kiddy play area. It was one of the nicest play area that I've ever seen.

Then, we went to the Sprecher Brewery for a tour, and all the soda that E could eat. She had a good time, but had less soda then we expected she would want. We checked into the hotel, and E and M played with the coffee maker (E's favorite hotel activity) and swam. She also watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which she didn't understand why it was so long!

April 12- A new kind of shoe, M grew out of her first pair of shoes, so I brought out the next size up. She's having a little trouble walking in them, but she'll get the hang of it.

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