Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8- I realized mid-way through today, that if things had gone as scheduled, today would have been M's birthday! Instead, she had other plans, catching us completely off guard, and arriving a week ahead of schdule. For some reason, once we had her c section scheduled, it never occurred to us that she might be early. So, we had no hospital bag packed, no plan for E, and we headed to the hospital frantically!

Today, M had a busy day, she and Ada went to the retiree's breakfast, had to pick up great gramma, and had to deal with phone and tv repair people. After work, she and I played outside, and walked almost all the way to the practice field. E and dada went to the La Crosse game,

Both girls put up a fight at bed time tonight, dada is grading while holding M, and E is in her room, after she told me that she was "never going to sleep."

April 7- M is still on her bedtime strike. This is what happens when I pass her to dada so that I can go up and snuggle with E. The bed time thing is getting crazy here. Generally, a "normal" night ends with both girls sobbing, and E screaming. M sobs herself to sleep in dada's arms, and E eventually calms down and falls asleep on her own, although, lately she's been falling asleep on her floor.

April 6- Today was E's last dance class, and she has really improved. Both her listening, and her dancing. She volunteered to demonstrate several moves and did what she was supposed to do as she danced across the stage. In the afternoon, E and I went to the science expo at the UW, it was slightly above her head, although there was one station where she got to dig for fossils, and she LOVED that.

M loves going outside, when she thinks its time to go out, she brings you a coat (any coat) and waits for you to put it on her. I'm glad that she likes the outdoors, it will make the summer go smoothly.

April 5- This was our first nice weekend day, so we spent as much time outside as we could. M and I took three walks, and then we flew kites with dada and E. E had swimming, but aside from that, we stayed close to home, and outdoors. We watched the Badger basketball game with Ama and Ada, and the girls had a great time playing at their house and eating lots of snacks. M finally learned to crawl down the step to the back porch backwards, which was very exciting!

April 4- Nate and Annie sent M this birthday card, and she has the best time listening to it. She keeps trying to peel apart the cover and see where the sound comes from. One of her favorite activities is making music, and this card is right up her ally.

April 3- No photo, I don't know why

April 2- Back outside, this time she had to carry her sister's shovel along with her.

April 1- E does this Sofia the First puzzle all the time, and each time M is in her room, she tries to take it apart.

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