Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time flies

We've been busy bees lately, nothing out of the ordinary, but as E spends more time stalling bedtime, I've got less time to write and upload images. She now usually stalls by having an injury and needing an icepack, tonight it was an injury on her finger which called for her Elmo cream. The other night, at 3:00 AM, it was her armpit that was bothering her. At least she's creative.

Today, E was very busy with her friends, in the morning, we saw Baby E. Big girl E loves Baby E, she slept with her birth announcement for several weeks, and talks about her all the time. So, she was so excited to see her, and show Baby E her house. Big E didn't get too jealous when her dada held the baby, and stayed pretty calm when I did too.

After nap, E got see her friends L and G. She still calls L, "Baby L" despite the fact that he is only three months younger than she is, and is about her same size. They played at G's grandma and grandpa's house, E's favorite toy was a small toy blender. After L had to leave, E and G got to play at the park for a little while and took a walk around the block. It poured rain for most of the day, so it was great to get outside for just a little bit.

May 5 was Free Comic Book Day, and in keeping with tradition, E and dada (and a few of his students) went to the comic book store. This is E's third Free Comic Book Day. This year, she and dada wore their Doot Doot shirts.

We started the day off at swimming, E wasn't too excited to be there, and clung to me for most of the class. She did do a few jumps off the wall, but that was as adventurous as she got. After the comic book store, we had lunch out, where she got chicken noodle soup, and headed home for a nap. We spent the evening on some family walks and bike rides.

Last weekend, dada and Teddy took E to her first Badger football game. E loves "football guys" and she is a big Bucky Badger fan, so we figured she'd like the game. She had a great time, and Teddy even shared his popcorn. Its funny, E never gets popcorn, so to her, its one of the greatest treats the world has to offer. We spent last Sunday celebrating Uncle Bob's birthday, so E got to see some of her big cousins.

Given the weather lately, we've spent a lot of time with our umbrellas and playing in the sand table. We've also taken lots of walks to the stadium to watch the track guys, soccer girls, and football guys. Its great living so close to the action. The track meet guys have pretty much taken over as E's favorites, and she asks to go to track meets all the time now. Dada loves it and tries to take her whenever possible.

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