Saturday, May 19, 2012

Circus World!

We headed to Circus World Museum today. Dada had promised E a trip to the circus earlier this week which didn't work out, so we decided to make Saturday the day. E had a wonderful time. We started off the with the kiddy interactive circus, she didn't participate, but it was a nice warm up to get her in the spirit of the day. Then we looked at some of the exhibits and checked out the carousal. The carousal was a little faster then the one at the zoo, and E was scared and didn't want to ride. So, we looked at the magic show and some of the old train cars. Then the main event, the big top!

E had a blast at the main circus, she got to eat popcorn, which makes any situation better, and loved watching the dog act, the clowns, and the acrobats.

After the show, she saw a zebra, which was actually her favorite part of the day, she called it "Mr. Zebra" and loved watching it run and play near the fence. She thought she wanted to ride a camel, but by the time we got to the top of the ride, she changed her mind. She also wanted momma to feed the llamas and goats, which I did.

After Circus Word, we had a very nice picnic across the street.

E and momma in an animal carrying car!

Dada, E and Mr. Zebra

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