Sunday, May 27, 2012

clean up

The pool clean up committee met last week, and I brought E to help. She was so interested in going swimming, that I figured she'd get a kick out of helping. So we took a quick walk with A, who also planned to help clean, and stopped at home for our equipment. Somehow, on the walk, the girls decided that the needed their super capes to clean. So, here's E getting ready to clean, cape, spray bottle, and rag. E and A were great helps at the cleanup, they got three chairs cleaned by themselves, pretty good for two year olds!

Here is E showing off her new purple crocs, we shopped everywhere for them and she loves them! She's getting ready to go to the "running mall" with dada, and of course she needed her baby to go too. She loves backpack baby, because she gets to bring her along, but doesn't have to use her hands to carry her.

Our last cleanup of the weekend, was the bird feeder. Or as E calls it, her 'bird seeder." We'd run out of seed, and E was pretty panicked about it, we filled it up this morning, and she spent most of the morning watching to see who came.

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