Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day weekend this year, we celebrated both Saturday and Sunday.

We started out the day with a family breakfast, E insisted on eating her's in her booster, on the floor. She also insisted on a "big girl" plate which proved too heavy to hold on her lap. She solved the problem by sticking her leg out and balancing the plate on it.

On Saturday E and I had our last swimming lesson of the summer, and she is already asking to go swimming in "Jim's pool" which is the pool in our association. E cooperated for a relaxing weekend by taking a nice long nap, until we woke her up to head to the zoo with Ama and Grandpa Ada. We got to the zoo late in the day and weren't able to ride the carousal, but we did see  the orangutan and chimpanzee's at a particularly active time of day. E also played on the structure in the kid area of the zoo, she loved the slides.

To make up for the carousal we had some popcorn

After the zoo, we went to Ama and Grandpa Ada's house for some dinner. Then, we headed over to E's friend A's house for A's dada's birthday. Their was ice cream and an M&M cookie, E was ecstatic. She also got a juice box.

Sunday morning was family time. I got to sleep in a little bit, and E and dada went to the "coffee maker store" and brought me a fancy coffee to start the day. E insisted on carrying the hot coffee up the stairs, which made everyone nervous, but she made it! Then, we headed to brunch, where we got to eat outside, which E loves. She did a great job at brunch, even waiting in the line patiently. Her favorite part was being allowed to have chocolate chips for dessert.

After brunch we headed to the arboretum to take a walk and look at the lilacs. The nature was a little bit lost on E, but she liked being spun by her parents, and running through the grass.

 We then headed to Culvers for our free ice cream! We were standing at the counter when all of a sudden E said "Lady, I want an ice cream cone please," although we had not planned on getting her a cone, we had to after that! She ate the whole thing!

After nap we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner, some sidewalk chalk, and some bubble time. E had a great time visiting with her grandparents, and really enjoyed seeing so much family in one weekend. E and I split one last ice cream sundae and headed home for the day.

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