Thursday, January 1, 2015

December wrap up

December 31- We celebrated New Years Eve as a family. The girls spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but were home in time for dinner. We had Chinese food, which is one of E's favorites. Then, we went to the US Bank Eve at the Convention Center. They had bouncy houses, magic shows, bubble shows, and a DJ for dancing. M loved bouncing, and wasn't worried about being the littlest kid in the bounce house. She took lots of turns bouncing. E's favorite was a bouncy obstacle course, she went through a bunch. M tried too, but she was a little too small to make all the parts work. M also went on the tight rope. She had to wait in line a very long time for it, but really enjoyed it once it was her turn.

Once we left the celebration, it was home for rootbeer "flakes" and a program. Then bed. None of us made it to midnight! 
December 30- We kept up our break tradition of going to the Milwaukee Public Museum. We brought along our "Subway sandwiches" for a "picnic" at the Museum. And, went through most of the exhibits. We even went to the special robot exhibit. The girls had a wonderful time. E didn't want to see the "breathing dinosaur" but other then that, wanted to see everything. M was absolutely delightful to watch as she explored the Museum, one of the best part of the girls is getting to see everything through their eyes.

December 29- M is getting more and more words each day. She now says: juice (ju ju), more (mo), bye, elbow, bowl, I don't know, and oh no. All are new in the last few days. She also says No, Kitty, Katie, Awa (for all girls), Anna (her friend at school), help (hepie), upie, and Elmo.

We had a bit of a run around day today. The girls dropped me off at my dentist appointment, which took much longer then necessary, so they did some shopping with dada. Then, home for quite time, and then E and dada took the car to an oil change. After that, we played with new Christmas toys for a while, before the girls went to Ama and Ada's for dinner and playtime. Dada and I got some much needed time to relax.

December 28- We had our final Christmas celebration today, we had breakfast with Ama, Ada, Nate, and Annie. We also finished opening Christmas presents. Both girls got items they really wanted, M her own baby doll, and E an "American Girl Doll" both have been playing with them ever since.

We wrapped up the day with a movie party, and of course, danced through the credits. M did her usual spinning dance, and E danced with Dada and I.

December 27- E has been getting up at 4 am lately, which is not great. This morning, M got in on the act too. It made for some tired parents! We went to Ama and Ada's for breakfast, and then opened Christmas gifts. After a little while, M hit the wall and needed lunch and a nap. So we stopped. M totally has the hang of opening gifts, and is lots of fun to watch.

After nap, we went to Great Grandma's  (or Ama Ama as M calls her) for her traditional Christmas dinner. The girls both ate well and were well behaved. Their cousin S was there, along with a friend. Both girls were wonderful with the little ones, and E and M had a wonderful time with them.

December 26- It has been unseasonably warn here, so we have been lucky to get outside for the last few days with E and M's friends. It is the most we've ever played outside in December without snowpants. Aside from time with the girls friends, we spent the whole day at home, and enjoying our new Christmas things.

December 25- Today was Christmas day, and the girls had a wonderful day. E got up at 4, but was able to fall back asleep. Luckily she was too tired when she got up to realize it was Christmas! We started our morning by collecting the Hershey Kisses Santa left on the steps (M is a really good collector and a very fast eater). We opened gifts leisurely, taking time to set things up and play with them. By far the biggest hit was the Playmobile swimming pool. E was very good about sharing it.

Ama and Ada came over and visited for an hour, and then we finished up our gifts. E opened hers quickly and M slowly, so there was a little sadness about that, but nothing major. We got to play outside with our friends and they compared holidays, then we finished the day with pizza and the Muppets Christmas Carol.

December 24- We celebrated Christmas Eve by visiting with friends. We spent the morning with my friends from high school, and E got to play with L and C. Then, we exchanged gifts and played with A, A, and R. We had a picnic lunch and some playtime. We went to church, and made it through about 30 minuted before M started saying "no, no, no, no, no" and we had to get her out.

December 23- We kept up our tradition of going to the Children's Museum over winter break. M played for a long time in the water room, but was willing to wear a smock, so she didn't get as drenched as last time, and E had a good time in the building area, paint window, and play kitchen. After the museum, we went to Ian's Pizza, and E ate almost an entire piece by herself!

M also discovered a new favorite food today, Cherrios and milk. She ate several bowls.

December 22- We played at home today, and M started throwing this mini-tantrums. She didn't actually scream or cry, she just started putting her head on the floor and looking really sad. Its not the most effective tantrum, but I'm sure she'll get the hang of it.

December 21- Today was R's birthday and Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa N. E and I had a great time at R's party, and M even made it for a little bit after nap.

We had our Christmas celebration with Grandma and Grandpa tonight. The girls had a great time at their house, E was excited to show off the advent calendar that she has been working on after school. The girls waited patiently to open presents. The hit of the night was M's ride on horsey. Both girls took turns (pretty well playing with it). E was also thrilled with the bed for her princesses, and put them to bed the second she got home.

December 20- M had been very interested in snacking lately, tonight she wanted two. She climbed up on the couch, and laid down, it was adorable.

December 19- The girls are good friends and pretty good about sharing with each other. M is at the age where she wants to do everything that E does, and usually E lets here. Tonight, we had a movie party, which is why they are having popcorn, and M wanted to sit next to E, luckily it was a night when E was ok with that.

Today was the last day of school before winter break, and E was pretty excited to know that she was going to have so many days of vacation. M doesn't have school for two weeks either, but unlike E, I think she'd be sad if she realized that. Today, she brought cookies for her fellow classmates, and they were a hit.

December 18- No picture :(

December 17- M absolutely loves E's big girl bed. Whenever she gets the chance and we are upstairs, she makes a break for it. She loves to climb on it, sit on it, and generally play on it. If you ask her if she wants her own big bed, she nods. But, she won't be getting one anytime soon.

December 16-

December 15- E discovered coffee filter snowflakes at the Verona library the other day, and has been unstoppable ever since, that is why there are scraps of paper all over the floor. The girls often dance together, E always tries to hold M's hands and M lets her for a little bit, before wanting to be independent and spin.

December 14- We had another movie party tonight, and M once again got into the chair. Tonight M was being silly, she kept trying to put her foot into the bowl, which drove E crazy.

December 13- We had breakfast with Santa today and went to Verona to see reindeer at the library. It was our most successful breakfast with Santa yet. Both girls actually ate. After about half the meal, M became fascinated with Santa and we stood the the side watching him and the kids. When it was time for us to see Santa the girls got pretty close, as long as I was with them, and E even asked for hair chalk. After Santa we did a few crafts.

In the afternoon, I took the girls to see reindeer at the library. We were a little early, so they got to play in the library. They both really like the toys at the Verona library. We had some of the complimentary hot chocolate, which M immediately dumped on the floor. The reindeer didn't make much of an impression on the girls, but E learned how to cut paper snowflakes, which have become her new obsession.

December 12- M found this slinky the other day and it has become one of her most favorite things. She loves pulling it apart and trying to chew or stick her tong through it. We haven't bothered to teach her about how it goes downstairs, since she is so happy with what it can already do.

December 11- For some reason, M has having a hard time after bath tonight, she pulled me over to sit on the steps with her, and that calmed her down.

December 10- Today was E's Christmas program at school. I was lucky enough to go twice, during the afternoon, I was able to concentrate, so in the evening I could hold M if things when out of control. E's class did a great job, and at the evening performance, she even saw us in the audience which made her really happy.

Before the performance, we had dinner with Ama and Ada, and the girls were clowning around on the picnic blanket.

December 9-  M found dada's cribbage set and has loved opening and closing it.

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