Saturday, November 3, 2012


October was a busy month. Nothing in particular happened, but we were hopping all the same.

A look back at our pictures reveals a pretty normal month. Our biggest news is that E is going to be a big sister! She is hoping for a baby sister named Adaline and thus far, completely rejects the idea of a baby brother. We are going to cross that bridge when we get to it.

Other then that, we have been playing quite a bit. I finished this doll, and E has been sleeping with it ever since.

She found this purse of mine and has claimed it as her own, she filled it with her favorite toys, and carries it around. My favorite part is the way that on an adult, this is an over the shoulder bag, but on her, its a cross body style.

E loves these Aerial PJs, and wears them all the time! Sometimes even to daycare.

She is also developing an interest in music. She has been drumming a lot and singing all the time.

One highlight of the month was celebrating Great Gramma's 92nd birthday. E got to see some of her second cousins who she hasn't seen since she was a baby, at Great Gramma's 90th birthday.

We also made sure to get the most out of Halloween. We went with Grandpa Ada to the Halloween at the zoo, E wore her Captain America costume.

We carved pumpkins, the activity held E's interest for about 5 minutes and that was all he further we got.

On Halloween night, we were shocked, when instead of Captain America, E insisted on going as Cinderella. But she loved her costume, and had a great time collecting candy with her friends.

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