Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our new addition

Someone new has been coming to our house lately, meet Princess Hurley. Here she is wearing her "favorite uniform"

Princess Hurley does a lot of dancing and jumping. She is also quite the bead twirler. My favorite part is the fact that when Princess Hurley is here, dada becomes Grandpa Hurley. It is not yet clear if I am Grandma Hurley!

Aside from Princess Hurley, there has been a lot of drumming lately. E has been using my birthday balloon and a knitting needle as a drum.

And, finally, we've been taping. Its been a while since there has been tape at our house, mostly because E likes to use it to tape EVERYTHING. We run out in a day. But, she found some painter's tape and has been putting it to good use.

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