Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The end of June

The end of June was a busy one for us. We had lots going on.

 Of course, we celebrated dada's birthday, for some reason we didn't take any photos of the celebration part, just of E helping dada fix the door knob. But, E did go see her second movie in the theater (the first was when she was 3 months old). She, and dada, loved Madagascar 3 on the big screen.

 Uncle Jay came to visit, we went to the zoo and had a picnic, as well as some nice visiting time. E hasn't seen Jay in over a year, so it was nice for him to see the big girl she is now.

We also proved that momma lets stuff that happen that would never happen on dada's watch. Like, using a bag designed to cook a turkey to pack up a kitchen Cabinet and carry around. She was pretending it was trash.

E finally got an easel, although we haven't let her use what she calls "kid paint" on it yet, only chalk.

She also got goggles, I promised her some a long time ago if she did well using the potty, since she was making progress, she got Dora goggles.

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