Thursday, July 19, 2012


We headed back to Minnesota to visit Titi and her family, baby E and her family, and Nate and Annie. E does pretty well with the car rides at this point, although we try to time then so that she will nap part of the way. On this trip, she saw me knitting and asked me if she could knit too. I handed over some yarn and she spent the ride pushing the ends of a circular knitting needle in and out of it.

The first stop on our trip was the Minnesota Zoo. Dada went to this zoo lots as a kid and was really excited to take E to it. They had a special dinosaur exhibit, with both dada and E were really looking forward to.

The dinosaurs turned out to be a little to scary for E, at one point she even pulled her hat down over her eyes so that she didn't see them. She loved the bears, tigers, and aviary. She even to to "play" with a lynx that was pawing at the cage.

We left the zoo in a rainstorm and headed to Titi's. For several days, E had been talking about watching the Chipmunk movie and eating Trix cereal (both things we did last time we were in MN) so I was curious to see how she would react if things went differently. She made herself right at home with Titi's toys and loved her Abby Cadabby present. She got to go swimming with Titi which
made her very happy even though the pool was a little loud.

The next day, the kids played in a slip and slide to beat the heat and E got to play with Titi's cousins P and P.

She also got to visit with uncle Nate and Annie. We had to wake her up a little early from her nap, and she didn't appreciate it!

That evening, the kids got to watch a movie, they decided on Smurfs, and E got to eat Trix and watch. She loved it. She also used the movie time to serve "tea" to all her friends. Watching the movie, having Trix, and serving tea are the things she talks about most from Titi's house.

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