Sunday, June 3, 2012


We finally made it to Minnesota to visit Titi, Titi, Abuela, Natie, and Annie. E and I set out with Ama and Grandpa Ada on Friday after work. E was an excellent car rider, she played with her new Minnie Mouse doll, read stories, and entertained herself with songs and imaginative play. I was so impressed with her. She impressed me all weekend, only having a few tantrums, sharing her toys, sleeping part of the night in her bed, falling asleep pretty easily (since I kept her up too late), and generally showing me that she is getting to be a big girl.

Saturday we swam at the hotel, had lunch with Ama, Ada, and Natie, and the headed to see Titi, Titi, and Abuela. In the past, E has been pretty clear who Titi is (Little A) but this trip she seemed a little confused.

At the hotel, E used the ice bucket and glasses to play kitchen, she made macaroni and cheese, we have stayed at this hotel before and she did the exact same thing then. Although this time, her imagination games lasted a lot longer then they have before.

The girls played in the yard and had tons of fun with a bucket of water, some bowls, and some sponges. They also loved the sandbox.

E ate her first meal of Abuela's cooking and loved it, she even told her dada about it when she got home. The girls played at the park, and then dressed up, E in Minnie Mouse Ears and slippers and A in fancy shoes to watch a movie.

 On Sunday, the girls got to go swimming with Natie and Annie which they loved, pouring water on Nate was a favorite activity. We headed back home, and E took a nice nap for the first part of the trip. Once she woke up, we had another picnic in the car.

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