Sunday, June 10, 2012

When two year olds dress themselves

When a two year old dresses herself, you end up with:

On a 90 degree day, that's a tee shirt with a fleece vest (with a hood), blue jeans, and rainboots. She also wanted to wear her baseball hat and sunglasses, but forgot.

When you let her lead with potty training, you end up playing with her pants down, and taking apart her changing table.

When you let her dress herself a second day, this is what happens to her room. All this work wore her out, she's napping it the corner of her crib. She had to change back into her PJs for nap time of course.

And, when you repeat the process the next day, you get a girl in a "pretty dress" tights, and purple crocs. So, it basically worked out how we wanted it to. We cleaned up the mess, and came out with her wearing a dress. She has flat out refused to wear a dress since her birthday party. Screaming and crying any time we tried. Today, she chose it herself, wore it all day, and wanted to sleep in it.

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