Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29- The girls had another big day today, we started at Mickie's and then they went with Ama, Ada, and Teddy to the Children's Museum. We had dinner at their house tonight, and for some reason M was totally into the grill, she has always ignored it in the past, but today, she was on it. We played a little kickball, and had more Popsicles. M was a sticky mess, so had to have a quick tubby.

May 28- Teddy and I picked up E from daycare today, of course as soon as she saw him,she ran and hid. Then Teddy got to play with our friend with us. We played bubbles and sidewalk chalk (until M tried to eat it). All the kids got popsicals, which was one of the highlights of the night.

We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, which was lovely, it had been a while since we'd gotten together. They were impressed by M's rice eating.

May 27- After work today we went over to A and A's house to play. We were trying to play outside, but it started raining. Fortunately, once the Frozen soundtrack was turned on, it was an instant party! The girls sang and danced a long time.

May 26- We had our first trip to the swimming pool today, E loved it, M wasn't too sure. I think she was bothered by not being able to walk and climb steps like she can on land. But, I'm not totally sure what set her off. By the time dada was back from the doctor M was screaming and ready to get out.

We spent the day around our house playing with A, A, and R. They all went swimming and had some nice long play sessions outside. In fact, dada took E to see the Muppet movie, and M and I played outside with A and A for the entire movie. We had dinner with Ama, Ada, and Teddy at Culvers and M loved her chicken tenders!

May 25- We went back to Ama and Ada's today and they got out the blow up pool. Both girls had a great time swimming and sliding into the pool. M even played some disc golf. In the evening we had dinner at Great Gramma's house (even though E wanted "regular gramma"). M is getting pretty comfortable at Great Grammas.

May 24- as the first day of Uncle Weekend, the girls and I went to the farmers market on the square with Ama, Ada, Teddy and Nate. We had popcorn (E and M's favorite part), spicy cheese bread, cheese curds, and lemonade. It was a wonderful morning. After quiet time we hung out at Ama and Ada's house and grilled out.

May 23- Today, at long last, we got to play with our friend "baby" K. Now, K is almost three, but when E first met her, she was a baby. So the name has stuck. I'm guessing K will always be a baby in E's eyes. M had a good time at her house, there were lots of new things for her to see and play with, and even new snacks to taste.

When we were done playing, we had Chinese food at Hy-Vee, one of E's favorite foods and favorite places to eat. To celebrate the kick off to "uncle weekend" she even got a frosting cookie for dessert.
May 22

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