Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21- Tonight we had a showing at our house. Even though we are not listed right now, our neighbor knew we wanted to sell, so we set it up. I tried to corral the girls while dada "sold" the house. We will see what comes of it. The girls had a great time with the sand table and played with water. After the showing they got to play with balloons, which were a big hit.

Despite the late night, both girls were raring to go all day, while the parents were ready for bed!

May 20- We got some good outside play in with A and R tonight. Both girls had a terrible time at bed tonight, E didn't fall asleep until around 11:30, and while M went to bed around 7:30, she was up an hour later, and then at 10. I don't think we went to bed until 12.

M visited Great Gramma today, and Ada reported that she seems to be feeling more comfortable around Great Gramma's house.

May 19- This was M's first day in her new, "big girl" car seat. So far, I can't really tell if she likes it. She hasn't been able to fall asleep in it yet, which might be a problem. M and Ada came to coffee break today, M was a little clingy around all the "strangers." She and Ada hung out around the Union for awhile after break before making their way home.

May 18- We had a perfect weekend day playing outside today. E and I started the day at Ama and Ada's house to look at pictures, E announced that she was going to have pancakes and sausage outside, so she got her picnic. We played outside at home for a LONG time, and finally got the do the gardening that we put off on Mother's Day.

May 17- Today we went to Circus World Museum for opening day. We've tried to make it on opening day for the last couple years. This year, we went with friends for the first time. We went with A and R and their moms to see the magic show, circus, and play at the playground. E was even brave enough to try the bounce house. M enjoyed the circus, we learned that it is really important to sit in the first row, so that M has room to explore!

May 16- To celebrate the end of a long week, we decided to order pizza. I can't tell you the last time we had pizza from a restaurant. M insisted on her own piece, but only picked off the toppings.

May 15-

May 14- Tonight was E's last spring program at KJ. The whole family was there, and loved the program. They sang a song about flowers and Pete the Cat. M was pretty patient watching the show, although she and Ada did have to take a little walk around the school.

May 13

May 12- Tonight Grandma and Grandpa brought over dinner. It was the perfect way to ease back into the week after everyone had been sick.

May 11- We had a lovely Mother's Day. I was completely spoiled by my family. I started out the day lounging in bed while dada had the girls. They brought me coffee in bed, and then made me breakfast in bed. After a little while, we headed out to get our first free ice cream of the day and then to pick out plants. After quiet time, again with me relaxing, we met my parents for some more free ice cream. Then, my parents babysat for a bit, so we got a chance to go for a drink. It was the perfect holiday.

We saw Grandma and Grandpa briefly for a quick visit. They liked the flower pot that the girls painted.

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