Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10- Today we celebrated Mother's Day with Ama, Ada, Great Gramma, Norma, and S. E had a great time playing with a big girl, and showed off all the things she could do. We got to play at the playground, where I got to see M go down giant slide, grinning the whole way. She gets to the top with Ama, Ama holds her as long as she can, and then I caught her when I could reach. She loved it. M's big milestone today was her first great gramma cookie, it disappeared in no time!

This morning we had E's last swimming lesson, she did a great job, and can even swim across the whole pool by herself, using just a float belt. Dada and M stayed home for a nap. We had a picnic lunch outside and did some work in the garden.
May 9- This morning, Ada had to come and pick up M because dada was home from work sick, and E and I had Muffins with Mom at her school. After I picked up the girls, we had to run an errand for the mother's day gifts we were making, and then we finally got home to play. After being sick, M's appetite came back tonight, which was nice to see, she and dada also got to do some solo playing in  the basement, which we could tell she'd been missing.

We had a stand off with E tonight over eating one bite of mushroom at dinner. She wasn't leaving the table till she did it, and she kept asking to but put to bed, rather then eating the mushroom. She finally ate it when I told her she could water plants once it was gone.

May 8- painting pots with two girls was a messy job. Somehow, I ended up being the one covered in the most paint, I'm not totally sure how that happened. M even got into the painting (a little).

This was a bit of a crazy day, dada was sick, so the girls and I walked to Panera to pick up dinner, its a nice walk with lots to see and do on the way, so we were able to stay out of dada's hair for a nice long time.

May 7- Its starting to be a morning tradition that we carry E in to snuggle with her sister when its time to get up. E is never ready to get up in the mornings, it comes from staying up to late playing in her room at night, so we started just picking her up and putting her our room, she gets to wake up a little slowly, since we are running around getting ready.

M was still a little under the weather today, she went to sleep very late last night, so she was zonked in the morning. She  had a hard time going to bed again this night.

May 6- This is a jump rope that E got for Easter. For some reason, M loves playing with the two ends. She usually tries to fit them together. They don't fit together and it makes her so frustrated. She always brings them to me with a somewhat betrayed look on her face.

May 5- Here's M just coming down with her fever. She go the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease that E had. Today, we make a rookie parenting move. It was teacher appreciation day, so we wanted to take advantage of Applebee's offer, M cried the whole time we were waiting for a table, and for much of the meal, this is so out of character for her, you know she must have been miserable.

May 4- For some reason, M became fascinated with E's shoes. She would grunt for help, until we put them on her, then she'd march around the room. She never actually fell, which I couldn't believe!

Today, I got to take E to see the Princess and the Pea at the Barrymore Theater, it was her first time being in such a theater, and only the second play she'd ever seen. We had a great evening, we started with dinner at McDonalds (of course) and the headed to the play in our "beautiful dresses" she ate her "wookie cookie" at the play, and told me that the cookie had too much wookie in it!

E and dada went to urgent care today because she started developing spots, turns out she had the case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease that has been going around daycare.

May 3- Today we got to play with our friend E, and the girls had a wonderful time. They got to spend some nice time outside, and we broke out the spray bottles. It was one of little E's first times with a spray bottle, and I think she might be hooked. M too the chance to put everything in her mouth, of course. Her green bottle of bubbles she plays with empty, since she dumped it earlier, but she's got sidewalk chalk in the picture, which she is busy eating.

May 2- Ever since we got the new play kitchen, M had been loving playing with our play food. We keep it in a big bucket, and she likes putting the lid on and off, and dumping out the food.

E and I stayed home from school today because she was coming down with something, so we hung around the house and watched too much TV!

May 1- We took May Baskets to our friends A and R today.

April 30- Pick me up please!

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