Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31- Today I spent half the day with M and then we picked E up "three early" from daycare. M and I had a great time running errands, she was talking up a storm today, she had stuff to say all the time, and even talked to the people we met on our errands. Once we got home, E asked if she could have a turn holding M, and they had a very nice snuggle.

Today was also M's 10 month birthday, it was hard to get her to hold still for her picture. She's a gal on the go most of the time.

January 30- We are so lucky to have breakfast every Thursday with Ama and Ada, its a wonderful tradition that has been going on for several years now. Each Thursday, I go to work a bit late and we meet at Mickie's. E has a cinnamon, and the rest of us have eggs and potatoes.

After breakfast, the girls get to spend a day with Ama and Ada, they always have a wonderful time, they usually go to open gym or library story hour. On this Thursday, M had to go to the doctor's to get her ears checked, but Ama and E went to the library. They made a nice art project which is hanging in my office.

January 29- M got to spend some quality time with dada, while E and I went to Target. M is getting better and better at getting into everything in the basement, E has learned that none of her stuff is safe!

January 28- It was a PJ day at our house, Daddy had a snow day from school and stayed in all day with Miss M. It had been a long time since Daddy and M had had  day just to themselves, they both really enjoyed it.

January 27- No picture :(

We had to take our car in to the shop this evening and while there, E fell in the parking lot. So we went off to urgent care to get her cut looked at. By the time we got home, we were so frazzled, we forgot!

January 26- Daddy's action figures have always been a Daddy and E thing, so M was excited to finally get a chance to play with all that cool stuff! She made herself right at home, and found a comfy way to sit on some of them.

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