Monday, January 27, 2014

January 25- First taste of watermelon, and its a hit! E and M ate an entire half pound deli container of watermelon for a snack. We had a busy day, dada and Grandpa Ada had to fix our car, so it was just the girls. We went mall walking with Ama and had a pizza lunch, then to the grocery store. No one napped, so we spent the afternoon hanging around the house and playing.

January 24- E discovered that the Build a Bear box could double as a mask, she can peek out of the eye holes. M thinks its pretty funny.

January 23- Momma's girl, today M was just a touch under the weather, she wouldn't go far from her momma. She's starting to have a bit of separation anxiety, but nothing too bad (yet!)

January 22- M's favorite place is the bath tub. She loves it with water and without. I usually follow her up stairs, she heads right to the bathroom, and tries to crawl in. Some days she plays in the tub, with tub toys and no water. Other days, I give in and we have bath/play time.

January 21- M LOVES to open and close her sister's door. She has no understanding of how doors work, so after this picture, she started crying because it wouldn't shut (her foot was in the way), she is always trying to open and shut her sister's door, but she hates it when her sister shuts it, and she is on the wrong side.

January 20-E took the girls to Build a Bear today. It was a reward for E for quite a bit of good behavior, cooperation, and good bed times. But, M had a great time too. She loved this pony on roller skates because it could travel around the store. That evening, the girls spent some time with Ama and Ada as well.

January 19- this experience taught E the phrase "Monkey See, Monkey Do." Just before I took this picture, M was in an all out struggle with E for E's cup. But, once she had a cup of her own, no problem.

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