Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12- Today was one of those divide and conquer days, of which we seem to have many with two kids. In the morning, M and I went to have her 9 month pictures taken, it was quite an experience. She did great at first, but for the end of the session she needed to have Cheerios between each shot (and sometimes during the shot!). We came home for some playtime, before E and I headed out to try ice skating, we skated for 6 minutes (they didn't even charge us for skate rental) before she was done. We played in the snow, before getting a snack. Back at home, there was more playtime, and Miss M got to spend some quality time with E's lunch box. At this point, each girl seems to think that the other's toys are the most fun. M is too little to be bothered by it, except when E rips something out of her hand, but in a few months, I don't think that is going to fly!

January 11- M has been teething something fierce lately, she will chew on anything! One of her favorites is the puff can. Today was a little bit of E focused since she was invited to two birthday parties, but it was nice for M, since she got one-on-one time with each parent.

January 10- You can see M's rock and roll hair, its the result of tubby time! The highlight of the day by far was playing in the tub with both girls, E was splashing in a way that M found hilarious, and M was cracking up. At one point E paused and said "M, you are the best sister ever."

January 9- Accidental co-sleepers, M has started waking several times at night and we are just too tired to keep sitting up with her, so she sleeps with us for part of the night, but in truth, we all love it.

January 8- another case of someone else's toys being better then your own. She loves E's baby's bottle, and once E started carrying her bat around like a crutch, M had to have it. Once E was in bed, she was all over it.

January 7- I thought it was so funny that M and Daddy are sitting pretty much the same. It was program time, which is the time when E gets to watch TV. We try pretty hard to limit how much she gets to watch, so program time is pretty exciting, she is very into Bubble Guppies right now.

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