Sunday, January 19, 2014

Busy weeks

Our weeks have seemed busy lately, we don't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary, but we seem to get home late from work and daycare, eat dinner, play a bit and then bed time.

January 18- E ALWAYS wants to help with her sister, usually feeding her. Last night she got her chance. We switched our "name spots" (something they have at daycare which says where each kid sits) so she was sitting in my spot, and I was in hers. Apparently, once she was in my spot, it also meant that she was in charge of feeding M. Dinner went fairly well despite this.

January 17- M's favorite activity is walking around and carrying things. It doesn't matter what the thing is, she's got to be holding something while she walks. She loves carrying this teapot because there are lots of things to take in and out.

January 16- M loves to climb up stairs, she can't stay away from them! She and I spend a lot of time going up and down. Here, she just made it up the first step, and has a little way to go to get to the rest of them.

January 15- Walking and carrying again! Generally, she likes to carry paper, since when you get tired of carrying it, you can take a little bit!

January 14- M is wearing her PJs here, because we tried, and failed, to put her to bed. We took her downstairs to play so she wouldn't wake her sister, and she played with her videogame controller, and then tried to eat this book.

January 13- We've been having dance parties lately, E dressed up as the butterfly queen (wings, Snow White costume), I wear a beautiful long dress, and M doesn't need to dress up. We dance to "Call Me Maybe" several times per night.

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