Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby its cold outside

January 6- Just like big Sissy, Miss M likes to do everything that her sister does, all the time. E is still young enough to think that this is fun, most of the time. Sometimes M can be distracted with an age appropriate toy to play with, but once E is up to something, M isn't far behind.

January 5- E was calling us the Packer Family. M finished opening her Christmas gifts today (she fell asleep when we celebrated with Ama and Ada, and we had a nice breakfast with them. We had a Football Party later at our house, but sadly the Packers lost. M was wearing our family's lucky Packer outfit (they never lost when E wore it) but I guess it doesn't have the same luck for M!

January 4- One of M's favorite activities was taking her favorite toys and "giving" them to the Christmas tree (which was inside the playpen). We would regularly find puff containers and other small toys in near the tree. After awhile, as M got more confident standing, she'd try to eat the pine needles, which is why the tree had to go early this year!

On this day M got sick in the middle of the night, but fortunately it was a one time thing. After a slow morning, she was back to her usual self. She went shopping with Ama and momma, while E went sledding with Ada.

January 3- Along with wanting to do everything her sister does, M hates it when she know where E is, and can't get to her. Here she is crying outside the bathroom door, while E is inside. M had her 9 month check up today, it was a bit traumatic, because she saw the Dr. so often when she was young, she now starts screaming when he enters the room. She screamed through the visit, screamed through getting her blood drawn, and screamed through her hip x-ray. The good news was that her hips look good, and we shouldn't have to worry about them any more.

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