Friday, January 3, 2014

Another 365 project!

On E's first new year, I started a project to document a year of her life, so with Miss M's first new year, I have the same goal, a picture a day for the entire year. As the second child, I try to make sure that she doesn't miss out in terms of memories, but since I just tried to recap our year, and it appears as though we didn't take many pictures this summer, clearly I am missing some things.

My goal with this project is to focus on M, while I'm sure that E will be in some pictures and stories of things we do with her will appear, the goal is to record the life and times of M, or as we will to call her Matter-Tatter-Tastic!

January 1
Already a day late! M turned 9 months old on New Year's Eve, but after celebrating at US Bank Eve, she was too tired for pictures, so here she is one day late

January 2
Sometimes we joke that M is the smiliest baby in the world, somehow she knows to smile while the camera is on her! Its a huge change from her sister, who hardly smiled at all when she was a baby. E is still really hard to get to smile in pictures!

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