Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall fun

We've been busy packing in the fall fun lately. On Friday (10/4) E left daycare early to march in the Homecoming parade. Sadly, it was rainy so the parade was cancelled. She got to go the pep rally, which she was really forward to however, it was loud and she got a little scared.

M and I got to spend the afternoon together which was lots of fun. She is getting really close to crawling, which is both exciting and terrifying, she can get up on all fours, and sometimes even gets up on her hands and feet, which is pretty funny looking. Right now, she mostly goes backwards, but once in a while she gets some forward momentum.

On Saturday, E and I went to swimming lessons, she was very brave and put on her float belt with no problem (last week she had a tantrum about the belt) and hopped. After swimming she came to my office to play for a bit, although wasn't as interested as she usually is. After working, we went to the Memorial Union for lunch. With E, when you do something one time, you'd better be prepared to do it EVERY time. So, last time she visited, we had lunch on the terrace, and this time, she assumed the same thing would happen (with the same food). So we did, although it was too cold to eat outside.

Sunday we headed to Heck's and Peck's markets. Its our fall tradition. E picked out a huge pumpkin, and we looked as all the animals.

After the farms, it was parent watch day at E's dance class. We all went, and E did a great job. She usually gets nervous on watch day, and won't participate, but today, she danced. She did occasionally take a detour for a hug or kiss, but mostly she did what the teacher asked.

Finally, one cute phrase, when I tried to tell her good night, she didn't respond. Her dad asked "what do you say to your momma?" and E said "thank you, sorry, goodnight" I guess we ask her to say sorry and thank you quite a bit!

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