Monday, October 1, 2012


We decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to take our annual trip to Peck's and Heck's farms for pumpkins, caramel apples, and popcorn.

The day started with E's flu shot, which she handled like a pro, she was very proud of the tiny circle band-aid and fairy sticker she got when she was done.

We started at Heck's were they had a new kid area this year, E loved playing in the corn sandbox, they had little tea cups to scoop full of corn, and shovels, she had a blast.

E fell in love with these cement lions, she asked to have her picture taken with them

When it was time to choose pumpkins, E got her own wagon and pulled it around the place.

She chose pumpkins, looking for Bert and Ernie ones

We even tried one of these picture spots, she's not quite tall enough!

It was a long walk back
We only had a short visit to Peck's, we were a little tired after Heck's, but we got to ride in a horse drawn wagon, just like Aerial does, and we saw some animals. Most importantly, to E at least, we ate some popcorn!

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